Women in Golf Charter

Royal Tara was an early signatory in 2021 to the R&A Women in Golf Charter.  The Club’s Charter has a strong emphasis on intergenerational golf – a sport for all ages.

Royal Tara has a vibrant and thriving female membership and the Club’s Charter aims to build on gender equality and inclusivity across all aspects of the club. 

By signing up to the Women in Golf Charter, Royal Tara G.C. commits publically to transforming golf into a sport that is fully inclusive for women and girls at all levels. Royal Tara Golf Club is leading the sport by setting examples and standards in equality and inclusivity and by ensuring these standards are the benchmark for the sport.

Royal Tara is commited to implementing Women in Golf Charter priority actions in the areas of:

  1. Inclusivity/Culture and Participation
  2. Recruitment and Progression
  3. Retention and Gender Balance

These actions are outlined in greater detail below.


    By signing up to the Women in Golf Charter, Royal Tara G.C. has pledged the following commitments: 

Bronze (Inclusivity /Culture and Participation)

  • Adoption of an inclusive approach in all communications with female and family imagery displayed thoughout Clubhouse, including on signage and website
  • Provision of volunteering opportunities for women and girls in golf  (e.g. beginners programme, juvenile coaching and juvenile competitions)
  • Appointment of Charter Champions to promote relevant achievements

Silver (Recruitment and Progression)

  • Build on the considerable success to date in delivering initiatives to increase membership recruitment of women and junior girls.
  • Reservation of dedicated weekly Tee Times to facilitate both Women and Men’s PARS winter event fixtures.
  • Explore a pathway to assist student golfers to transition to full membership. An amendment to the Club Constitution enables new members to play a more active role within club structures at an earlier date.
  • Facilitate families playing together on any day of the week and introduce more organised family events.

Gold (Retention and Gender Balance)

  • Full membership for both genders at Royal Tara G.C., including equal access to all time sheets 7 days per week.  As the Club enjoys a 27 hole facility, Junior Golfers have access daily to a 9 hole course.
  • A minimum of 30% female representation on the Club’s Board of Management and Trustee appointments.