Dress and Course Etiquette


Members & Visitors are requested to comply with the Club’s Dress Code. Smart casual dress is essential at all times. Please note the following are unacceptable – Tracksuits, Singlets and Sleeveless/Collarless Shirts, Sweaters without shirts, T-Shirts with slogans, Headgear in Bar, Trouser legs tucked into Socks, Untailored Shorts and Football Shorts, Only proper golf shoes may be worn on the course.

On the Course

We appreciate your co-operation in helping us to maintain our standards by replacing divots, repairing pitch marks and raking bunkers properly (leaving the rake in the centre of the bunker).  It is important to take care of our great course so it recovers from divots and pitch marks in a timely fashion and taking due care in bunkers to leave them in the condition you would like to find them yourself.

Please take the time to watch the videos by clicking on the respective link below providing details on Golf Etiquette, how to properly Replace Divots, Repair Pitch Marks and Rake Bunkers (Note you can skip adds by clicking the Skip Adds button):

Golf Eiquette Tips

Replacing Divots 

Repairing Pitch Marks 

Raking Bunkers

Players are asked to show courtesy to fellow players and to avoid slow play. 

Priority on the Course: Please note that in the absence of special rules, two-ball matches should have precedence and can be entitled to pass any three or fourball match.  A single player should give way to a match of any kind.  Also to avoid slow play, please avail of the  “call through” option where appropriate.

For full details of Courtesy On and Care Of the Course in addition to Rules governing Club Competitions please familiarise yourself with the details contained in the Royal Tara Golf Club Fixtures Diary by clicking the link below: